PALAGI LIGHTING, A great partner in developing  ideas

Neto by Van Geest Design

Layered crystal prism: during the day conducting light in the interior, at night giving light inside & outside.

Developed with Crystal Caviar

Chris Fraser, “One line drawing the view from my studio window” Two large walls were built in front of his studio window, with a 1 1/2 inch wide and 16ft tall gap seperating them. Elongated images of sky, buildings and grass emanated from this slit….

Chris Fraser

Anthony Mc-Call installation,  immersive light installations

Anthony Mc Call

Etretat Garden in Normandie France , designed by Alexandre Grivko. A sculpted, landscape, detailing further in playing with light reflections by wrapping bamboo stocks in gold leaves….

Grey World in Etretat Garden

VGD will be visiting the Monaco Yacht show 2018 where more than one design will be launched, stay in touch for more details….

Monaco harbor

VGD attended the Lighting design Campus organised by Palagi Marine lights, a great eye opener on light management  design and how far we can push the light source itself…..

palagi 1st lighting design campus

POW! WOW! long beach  “OPTICHROMIE for Long Beach” behind Hotel Royal, Felipe Pantone public Art. When will it be the facade?

filipe Pantone

MICROPIA an exhibition on all sorts of bacteria’s impressive beauty of nature part of us.


sometimes looking up can be a pleasant surprise, in Schiphol Terminal 3 neon gaffitis.

schiphol airport ceiling T3

Youpiiiii Arizona & Poseidon sailing away. Farewell to all the build team, wishing them a happy sailing

Arizona last of Holland Jachtbouw build

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents the first solo of the succesful Dutch Studio Drift. 

drift studio at the Stedelijk museum

One place we always remain fond of and will go back to is the Benesse House in Naoshima Japan

Benesse house Naoshima

VGD exterior furniture pebbel is an homage to Kan Yasuda’s work, The Secret of the Sky 1996, 

kan yasuda

Team work makes dreams work  Van Geest Design’s moto. presenting our  drive to Vrithink 2017

VriThink's Night Out 2017

Developing with Ruag a new experience, enhancing helicopter commuting presented at EBACE 2017 

at Ebace 2017 with Ruag

Strong graphics: great visual communication

YES is more